A+ Countertop Guidelines

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Date: 12/7/2015

Countertop Fabrication and installation Guidelines

Visit A + Signature Design

6227 C 147th Ave North Clearwater FL 33760 (727) 536-5535

  • Staff will walk you through warehouse to make granite / material Selection
  • (Local Granite Yards are Options if we do not have something you desire)
  • Staff will give you insight on all material, where it is from to how they are engineered.
  • Sink: Selection (5) Options
  • Edge: Selection (5) Options
  • Splash: Optional 4” is Standard
  • Sealer Purpose
  • 15 Year Sealer applied to all granite does not apply to Quartz


Once cabinets are installed completely, we are able to template. Please give 24 hour notice that you are ready to be measured. At the template stage, the templater will go over:

  • Removal/Incidental Damage
  • Seam Placement
  • Edge Selection
  • Sink Option
  • Back Splash/ Full Height (optional)
  • Radios Options
  • Countertop over hang /support or no support needed
  • Stove information (free Standing Slide-in) Model information if available
  • Faucet Information (if on site)

Layout option

Once material is selected, you have the option to layout your Kitchen, this is a personal experience and if you have selected material that has movement or visual beauty marks you might want to opt to lay kitchen out.


Job goes to fabrication where saws and fabricator do their job at making your kitchen come to life…


  • Install 7 to 10 Business Days Turn Around (Does Not Include Holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s)
  • Installation you are giving 2 hour window an arrival 30 minutes call prior to arrival
  • Installation of countertops can take 2 to 6 hours based on
  • Size and location (Condo)
  • Kitchen Install
  • Faucet Must Be Onsite
  • Sink install (24 hours for sink to set) No Plumbing for 24 Hours)
  • Garbage Disposal Switch Hole etc.

Clean Up

Please note that there is always residual dust which is expected but our crew will do our best at cleaning up and maintaining dust as we install and complete the installation.


Final Balance will be due at Install